Cooperative Exits Alpha RC1 Hotfix4 (Update)

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Cooperative Exits Alpha RC1 Hotfix4 (Update)

Post by BlushBerry » Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:17 am

Cooperative Exits
An addon used to extend functionality of exit triggers in a more fair and balanced way with a time system.
If you've found a bug please reply to this thread with the steps to reproduce and we will get working on it asap.

Lead Developer: Polygon/BlushBerry
Co-Developer: Michaelis

Special Thanks:
TB-303 -- for providing us with a testing mapset
Bloodhaven -- For fixing an annoying outstanding bug since release (Hotfix3)

Designed for: Zandronum

What is Cooperative Exits?

Simply put it's a server addon that is designed to dynamically handle the exit triggers in multiplayer sessions.
It also comes with some custom cvars to allow server administrators further customize how they want the addon to work.
This addon may come in handy for you if you do not want speed runners coming into your multiplayer session and completing each map in 30 seconds or less
or maybe you want to use it for a mod that rewards you with completion bonuses such as Death and Decay or D4T and you want to encourage players to spend more time on maps.
Maybe you just like exploring maps but you cant because people rush to the exit too quickly. Or maybe you just want to wipe all those demons off the face of the map before you are satisfied.

This addon replaces exit triggers to instead trigger a timer to start counting down which is defined at start by "ce_timelimit" in the form of seconds.
The addon will also divide the timer up fairly according to how many players are in the server. By the time there is only a set amount of people left
Which is defined by "ce_playerfinalnum" the timer will change to whatever "ce_finalcountdown" is in seconds but only if that amount of time has not been reach yet.

You can also change how many players are required to activate the exit button before the timer is initiated.

Other things we've kept track of is making sure that when players leave and they've activated the exit. The time that was taken from that exit activated by a player is added
back onto the timer as if they never activated the exit. When all players have activated the exit, The map is considered "Over" and the map successfully exits.
If the timer reaches "0:00" The map is also considered "Over" and the map changes as well.


The addon adds a timer instead of exiting you off the map and dynamically lowers to how many players have activated the exit, When the timer reaches 0 or when all players activate the exit the map ends.

List of CVAR's and their defaults.

Code: Select all

ce_timelimit -- Sets what time the timer should start at (In seconds). -- (Default: 600)
ce_playertimernum -- This is for how many players are required to activate the exit before the timer appears. -- (Default: 1)
ce_debug -- Debugging information (All players will see this) -- (Default: 0)
ce_playerfinalnum -- How many players before it starts the final countdown? -- (Default: 1)
ce_finalcountdown -- How many seconds will the timer countdown from when there is only <ce_playerfinalnum> left? (You define how many left with ce_playerfinalnum) -- (Default: 30) 
Things to Note:
  • This addon only works with BOOM and Vanilla maps. This is due to limitations with xlat, a map translator built into zdoom originally designed for compatibility purposes. It will not work for UDMF.
    There is already a case for this issue on the bug tracker if you would like to see UDMF support for xlat and in turn, support for the addon please show your support and voice your opinion here
  • If you decide to change the CVARS please note they do not save if you shutdown your server. Make an additional .cfg file and have that .cfg file ran at the end of your main .cfg eg. "exec cfg/coopexit.cfg" with the custom cvars and your changes placed inside.
  • I would recommend not changing any of the cvars while a map is in session, This addon is not currently equipped to handle changes while a game is in progress. Most cvars are loaded when the map starts and some when a player triggers an exit.
  • I also recommend disabling any collision between players such as sv_unblockallies or sv_unblockplayers etc. For some reason telefragging can mess with the script and cause the map to exit prematurely. But who want's that on anyway? Tele-fragging in Co-op or Survival is annoying!
  • This addon is 100% open-source, You may use this directly for any mod you may be working on or even improve on it as long as you credit us, Polygon and Michaelis.
Download Latest: coopexit_alpha_rc1_hotfix4.pk3


Known Bugs:

Code: Select all

(Rare) Map exits randomly when the exit has not even been activated.
(Rare) Timer sometimes does not get set to how many seconds ce_finalcountdown is when there is only one person left to activate the exit.
Players can activate the exit and the map will just exit sometimes without initiating the script (Fixed)
In survival, Dead players do not decrease Required Presses (Fixed)
In survival, smashedExits does not decrease when a player dies after pressing the exit. (Fixed)
In survival, If there is only one player and the player loses all their lives, Map exits. (Fixed)

Code: Select all

* (Survival) When there are 3 players in the server and 2 players hit the exit then one who has hit the exit spectates the final countdown is compensated for and raises the timer limit despite there being 1 person who has hit the exit and one who has yet to hit the exit.

03/17/2018 -- RC1 Hotfix3
* (Survival) When there are two players in game and one player dies and then goes into spectator the map immediately exits.

01/02/2018 -- RC1 Hotfix2
* (Survival) Dead players do not decrease the amount of required exit activations.
* (Survival) Activated exits does not decrease when a player dies after they activate the exit.
* (Survival) Map exits when there is only one player and that player loses all their lives.
* Players can activate the exit and the map will just exit sometimes without initiating the script.

11/26/2017 -- RC1 Hotfix
* Losing all your lives after activating the exit with multiple people can cause the required amount of exits to go into the negatives.
* Map has a possibility to advance several times over with multiple players.
* Timer resets when an exit was never activated and a player disconnects.
* Hud hints do not display sometimes when a player activates the exit.

* Improved Functionality in Survival

11/25/2017 -- RC1
Initial Release

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