Hello, Welcome to Nuclear Empire! My name is Mike more known by the name "Polygon" or "Blushberry" and I'm the owner and founder of Nuclear Empire.

We have a small team currently running Nuclear Empire. We want to provide a non-toxic and friendly gaming community where people can join, make friends, and play on our servers together.

We host servers for several games and we work hard to make sure the servers are fun, efficient, and of high quality. The name Nuclear Empire simply comes from two things, One I myself have an affinity with all things radioactive or post-apocalyptic; And that the Empire part comes from the fact that our community is run like an empire. Our community spreads across multiple games and our members come from many different games.

We keep in close contact with a few mod developers and run "Official" servers for them which is basically a server in which we can host their mod 24/7 and keep it consistantly updated. The servers and it's settings are kept to as close as the mod developer invisions it to be without anything extra to "Touch" their original gameplay.

So all in all, we intend to run a community with the highest quality of servers, uninterrupted, running 24/7 and running efficiently.

-Polygon, Founder of Nuclear Empire.