Hello, welcome to Nuclear Empire! My name is Mike more known by the name "Polygon" and I'm the owner of Nuclear Empire.

We have a small team currently running Nuclear Empire. We want to provide a non-toxic and friendly gaming community where people can join, make friends, and play on our servers together as well as form their own branches within Nuclear Empire, which is kind of like having your own subsection within Nuclear Empire to dedicate a game to.

We host servers for several games and we work hard to make sure the servers are fun, efficient, and of high quality. The name Nuclear Empire simply comes from two things, one I myself have an affinity with all things radioactive or post-apocalyptic; And that the Empire comes from the fact that our community is run like an empire. In the future we will have the ability for members to create Branches and become Branch Leaders for a specific game, those Branch Leaders can then recruit other people from specific games into Nuclear Empire and into their branch to all play together. The Branch Leaders will be in charge of anything that happens within their own branches. The Founder, Co-Founder, Staff, and Moderators will not interfere with operations within these branches unless code of conduct is being broken. Branch Leaders will also be able to moderate their own branch as well.

Aside from allowing members to create branches, they will be able to request a server to be made for them. We will brand this as an official Nuclear Empire server. We will maintain and make sure the server is up to date and running smoothly. We will not interfere with operations within the server, the branch leader and anyone else will be given access to moderate the server itself (if applicable).

So all in all we aim to run a community in a much different way than most where we give you the power to expand and grow Nuclear Empire.